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Uncertainty is the most certain thing that is likely to happen in our life. People always change. Our thoughts, even our heart are constantly changing. Things that we believe this second could have been completely different from a very moment ago.

We always told that “Everything happen for a reason”. Yes. But for what reason exactly? It is our part to define that reason. Our life is a continuous journey. We have a lifetime to finish our journey. To find the reason of our existence.

If Β life is a journey, then what is our dream? An itinerary? If so, when we stop dreaming, does it mean that our journey has stop? *it could be*

So, just continue this journey. Live on, keep dreaming and enjoy the uncertainty.


Here I am again, trapped into the same old situation :sigh:

This is the thing: I always kinda have a pattern with anyone who… let’s say, could be the one for me…

argh… why did I decide to write this anyway? hmmm… nothing. So, just screw it… I don’t wanna talk (write) about this anymore.

phbt…. see? I’m mumbling. and this is what I’ve always done when I feel uncertain; about anything, especially the ‘heart’ thing… and I am. Now I wanna admit it to the world that “I have a trouble; I have a problem with my heart.”

There is a part of me that really want this thing to just end, so I can go on with my regular life, “the strong and independent yet not-so-thoughtful woman”. But there also live another part of me that really want this thing to last. I want to keep those feelings, I still crave for that attention, I still want someone to be with me…

Am I taking it for granted?

Are you taking me for granted?

Are we letting go of each other?

What are we doing?

And what am I doing, exactly?

I don’t know… never mind… this is just a rambling, don’t take it too seriously… haha…

*feel stupid*


I guess I’m in love with orchid now…

I have four orchids in my house *actually those are my sister’s, since she bought it. But I claimed it as mine too anyway, coz I also involved myself nurturing it :P* and two of ’em are blooming.

And they just makes me falling in love with ’em everyday… olove

Here they are… so pretty and tempting…


Phalaenopsis violacea var. alba


Phalaenopsis violacea var. alba


Dendrobium *thanks to kikorangi for the correction* πŸ˜‰


my Dendrobium πŸ˜€

Actually I am not quite sure about their name. My sister said that the violet one is “Anggrek Bulan”, and when I’m googling around, I found its latin name is Phalaenopsis Amabilis. But I totally forgot what the white one name is ^_^! So, again I am googling and found this site: and matching it’s picture database with my photo *hope I am not making a mistake πŸ˜›* the latin name is Coelogyne Flexuosa Rolfe, and it said that its distribution are around East Java, Bali and possibly Sumatra. So I assume that’s my orchid name. But I am not sure what its Indonesia name is hehe…

*I was wrong; I didn’t have any Coelogyne, but it actually is a Dendrobium. Thanks to kikorangi for the information ^^

Aren’t they pretty…? And of course they way much much prettier if you see it with your own eyes, since the picture were taken with my cellphone’s camera ^_*

Oh and when I was googling about orchid, I also found that there is an orchid garden here in Bali: Bali Orchid Garden… Ouwwww… I want to go there… Take me there… take me there… ohirun khekhekhe…