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Uncertainty is the most certain thing that is likely to happen in our life. People always change. Our thoughts, even our heart are constantly changing. Things that we believe this second could have been completely different from a very moment ago.

We always told that “Everything happen for a reason”. Yes. But for what reason exactly? It is our part to define that reason. Our life is a continuous journey. We have a lifetime to finish our journey. To find the reason of our existence.

If  life is a journey, then what is our dream? An itinerary? If so, when we stop dreaming, does it mean that our journey has stop? *it could be*

So, just continue this journey. Live on, keep dreaming and enjoy the uncertainty.

My Wishful Thinking

Uci's Contemplating

So I woke up this morning, can’t stop my mind into thinking about something. Why does sometime we can’t get along with one person, but we can be soulmate with other person. And my mind came up with this:

Basically, each person has their own qualities. If one person’s quality match with other person’s, they become bestfriend, soulmate, or whatever relationship that could hold ’em together. You know, qualities need room to grow *hehe…*

But if you can’t fit in with other people, don’t hate ’em. Because maybe it’s just your quality doesn’t match with theirs.

And this is maybe, just maybe… If we all can understand this, we could have a harmonious life with each other. We shouldn’t hate each other, we just need to understand each other. Can everyone agree with me? I don’t know… Maybe this is just my wishful thinking…