Here I am again, trapped into the same old situation :sigh:

This is the thing: I always kinda have a pattern with anyone who… let’s say, could be the one for me…

argh… why did I decide to write this anyway? hmmm… nothing. So, just screw it… I don’t wanna talk (write) about this anymore.

phbt…. see? I’m mumbling. and this is what I’ve always done when I feel uncertain; about anything, especially the ‘heart’ thing… and I am. Now I wanna admit it to the world that “I have a trouble; I have a problem with my heart.”

There is a part of me that really want this thing to just end, so I can go on with my regular life, “the strong and independent yet not-so-thoughtful woman”. But there also live another part of me that really want this thing to last. I want to keep those feelings, I still crave for that attention, I still want someone to be with me…

Am I taking it for granted?

Are you taking me for granted?

Are we letting go of each other?

What are we doing?

And what am I doing, exactly?

I don’t know… never mind… this is just a rambling, don’t take it too seriously… haha…

*feel stupid*

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