Hai… it’s me again…hi

I think I will dedicate this blog to all the post I want to write in English hehe… I know… I know… my english is not good enough. So, if you feel sick and clueless with what I wrote… don’t shoot me right away, but give me your mercy and tell me what should I do to fix it osmile

OK, now I want to tell you all about how I feel these recent days. I don’t quite understand what and how this feeling could happen to me, but it really happening and sometimes makes me sick too odesperate

Have you ever felt like you want to do something, but you didn’t do it anyway… ? Whether or not it’s reasonable, I found myself doing it again and again… It makes me wonder, was I ignoring my intuition every time I do such thing…? You know… sometimes we are blessed with the thing so called intuition when something is about to happen in our life. And it always be our decision to believe it or not…

But sometimes I also realize that my mind tend to complicate things. So… here I am again, ignoring thing that could possibly be an intuition. *sigh… osweat

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